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By processing a huge set of real human body images, our engineers utilize self learning machine frameworks in order to create innovative algorithms for the detection and estimation of real body measurements through a smartphone camera. We employ the use of cutting edge technology in the development of neural networks, computer vision, and 3D matching which ultimately help us to achieve the principle of continuity of machine learning

How does it work

We create, scan, and measure the human body step by step

We begin with quite a simple step – using a smartphone camera we detect and scan a targeted human body. The captured photos are then instantly transferred to be processed by the algorithm ‘brain’ or the neural networks so the next step can be carried out.

The neural networks then detect and determine key points and produce a set of probability maps for each keypoint. These maps are combined and processed with predetermined filters at every stage.

Key points located on the images are then used as initialization for the 2D contour matching to begin. A virtual camera is used in order to build each of the 2D contour models into a parameterized 3D human body model projection onto an image plane. The frontal and profile contour models in two dimensions use a set of parameters to control pose and shape of the parameterized projections.

By matching 2D to 3D the measurements of the human body can now be determined.

Computer Vision

We implement the use of Computer Vision in order to obtain body measurements with incredibly precise accuracy and at quick speeds. Computer Vision systems are a cutting edge technology which can be used to automatically scan and map the surface of the human body and deduce measurements by taking into account large sets of data to determine a growth pattern.

Machine Learning

We also employ the use of machine learning in our algorithms to achieve a higher efficiency in our processes which can then yield greater results. We have created an algorithm that learns from preceding results and processes, which we train to process scanning results and subsequently reach a level of accuracy that is simply unprecedented and unparalleled.

3D matching

3D matching allows us to achieve a high level of precision in the body measurement. We use cutting edge modern technology to match virtual 2D models with real 3D human models in order to ensure little to no errors in scanning the body and taking note of accurate measurements.
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