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Computer Vision Hackathon

Computer Vision Hackathon took place in Odessa on August 12-13. 3DLOOK participated as a sponsor of the event, and as a mentor of one of the teams — «Kyiv_Team». We are proud to announce, that «Kyiv_Team» has won the event.

They presented «Funny_Clothes», the app that recognizes the clothes on the photo and changes its color, texture, and prints depending on what the user wants to see. I.e. — a virtual fitting room. They even showed a live demo: they took a photo of one of the experts and demonstrated how their solution works. The presentation was very convincing, and the experts noted that this project turned out to be the most technically performed of the presented ones.
3DLOOK wants to thank the organizers of the event.
You can also check the report about the even here (in Russian).
Photos are courtesy of dou.ua.