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Grow your Apparel Business with SAIA
SAIA instantly finds the right сlothing size for your customers using just two photos
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SAIA could be integrated into any mobile app or website via SDK or API


Your customers will be able to scan themselves instantly with two photos from smartphone camera


SAIA processes photos and determines measurements, size and body shape of your customers


The shopping process becomes more personalized which results in happy customers and increased revenue from your business


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Body Parameters

SAIA makes online shopping smarter

Knowing their exact measurements and size, your customers will be more confident in choosing clothes, which leads to increased conversion, decreased return rate and the number of abandoned carts

Measuring process

The measuring process is simple:

• a customer enters height and sex

• takes two photos with a smartphone camera

• gets his clothing size and personalized list of fitting clothes

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Integrating SAIA in your app or website:

from a banner to customer's profile

We recommend adding the entry point to a measuring process into the natural user flow before customers add an item to a basket. Entry points could be different: in a menu, in a customer profile or as banner


We ask only for height and sex:

that's all we need to measure a body

The main point of mobile body measuring is to get measurements and clothing size without a hassle. It's very convenient for customers: they don't need to measure themselves with tape and then figure out the clothing size


The measuring process:

as simple as making a selfie

The body measuring process has never been so easy. A customer takes two photos and that's it. No need for additional hardware or software: your customers stay in your app or website and can start shopping right away


The personalized shopping for everyone

Apparel that will fit you. Everytime

As a result, your shoppers will get a personalized list of items that will fit them based on measuring results. You can add additional filters in your app or website: it will make your customers more confident in choosing their new look, thus leading to increased conversion rate and more revenue for your business

SAIA Dashboard and Reporting API

Get access to your account, where you can find all the necessary documentation and support, and track how many of your customers have measured themselves. You can use a reporting API to pull all the required data from SAIA to your CRM or analytics tool. For example, you can get data about size and body shape distribution among your customers, insights about their body parameters and other relevant data points, and then match them with their average checks and history of purchases

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The most common questions about SAIA

What measurements can we get with your technology?

A part of the measurements is available on our technical demo page. If you need additional measurements of the human body that are not listed in the demo, feel free to contact us.

Can you define the size and what size standard do you use (US, EU)?

The measurements that we are providing can be matched with size charts for the brands you have on your website/app. Depending on the size chart, that you use on your website/app, we can set up any standard upon request.

How accurate is your technology?

The margin in measuring human body can reach a couple of centimeters (up to 1-2 inches) at the time. Human body is not a static object. Even when we are standing still we breathe and we still move slightly. Accuracy is one of main directions of our work. Right now the accuracy of SAIA allows us to measure and determine clothing size with precision of 98%.

To get the most accurate measurements your body should remain inside the screen and be as static as possible and you should wear fitting clothes. Mind that even the height of a person that takes photo of you might slightly affect the result.

Does your technology allow to build 3D models for an accurate match to customers' bodies?

Not yet. We are working on future updates of our technology, which eventually will bring us to creating 3D models. Right now we are aiming at mid September 2017.

Can we add custom measurements?

Measurements are strictly dependent on our technology. We are constantly adding more. Now we can define up to 100 different measurements of the body, but not all of them are included in the demo. Please send us the list of measurements you need to get with the help of our technology and we’ll get back to you with an answer.

How many pictures you need to return the measurements?

Depends on what you need to measure. One front picture is enough to get shoulder width, for example; but for chest, hips and waist volume we need two pictures: front and profile.

How much time does it require to define the measurements?

It takes up to 15 seconds. The time depends on your internet connection: the better it is, the faster we process the photos.

Should the customers download any software?

No, SAIA isn’t a dedicated app — it’s a widget that is integrated within your app or website. So the customers won’t leave your app and website. They can take or upload photos anytime during shopping.

What quality is expected from photos? Are mobile pictures ok?

One of the key features of 3DLOOK technology is that it works on mobile devices. So, the mobile pictures are good. Minimum and maximum resolutions are 480х640 2000х4000.

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