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SAIA – Scanning AI for Apparel
SAIA is a Body Scanning and Measuring Platform for E-commerce
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SAIA could be integrated into any mobile app or website via SDK or API


Your customers will be able to scan themselves instanly with two photos from smartphone camera


SAIA processes photos and determines measurements, size and body shape of your customers


The shopping process becomes more personalized which results in happy customers and increased revenue of your business


Percent of Accuracy


People Scanned


Photos in Dataset


Body Parameters

SAIA makes online shopping smarter

Knowing their exact measurements and size, your customers will be more confident in choosing clothes, which leads to increased conversion, decreased return rate and the number of abandoned carts

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SAIA could be easily integrated into any mobile application or website. Schedule a demo today to redefine how you sell or recommend clothing online

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SAIA Dashboard and Reporting API

Get access to your account, where you can find all the necessary documentation and support, and track how many of your customers have scanned themselves. You can use a reporting API to pull all the required data from SAIA to your CRM or analytics tool. For example, you can get data about size and body shape distribution among your customers, insights about their body parameters and other relevant data points, and then match them with their average checks and history of purchases.

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