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About us
3DLOOK is an AI driven technology company with head office in Silicon Valley and three R&D offices around the world. We transform the way people interact with their smartphones to solve everyday problems. We use computer vision, advanced machine learning, and complex 3D matching algorithms to scan and measure the human body for use in apparel industry.
We've built 2 innovative solutions for the apparel manufacturing and retail industry: SAIA Perfect Fit and SAIA 3D. Both solutions change the way how clothes are manufactured and bought online.

Our team

CEO, Co-Founder
Vadim Rogovskiy

Founder of Clickky, co-founder and partner at WannaBiz, Forbes 30 under 30 (Ukraine), strong skills and experience in strategic marketing, business development and B2B sales

CPO, Co-Founder
Alex Arapov

Certified Product Owner with experience in product/team management in US eСommerce, wide skills in Project Management, Product Management and Conception

CTO, Co-Founder
Ivan Makeev

Senior Research Engineer at V-Nova; Research Scientist at Intel Labs, Senior Developer at Encoding.com; PhD in Applied Mathematics at SaintPetersburg State University

Сhief Strategy Officer
Whitney Cathcart

Whitney brings more than 2 decades of manufacturing and retail experience with an acute focus on emerging technologies and the future of retail. Whitney is based in Silicon Valley.

Data Science Lead
Mike Orel

Mike is developing proprietary algorithms and working on pipelines in Machine Learning and AI. Prior to 3DLOOK, he worked at Cisco, Yandex, and several startups. He is based in Silicon Valley.

Chief Marketing Officer
Sergey Gylyuk

Marketing specialist with 5 years of experience in marketing, project management, data analysis, lead generation, customer service and acquisition strategies

Gino Padua

Gino is the founder at M Strategy and Fan Lights, Co-Founder and Pyli Group. He's a leader and doer with more than 20 years of experience with early stage software companies, most recently CEO of Mobile Roadie. Gino is based in Bay Area.

Our offices

We have four offices around the world with headquarters in San Mateo, CA, and three R&D departments in London, UK, Odessa and Kyiv, Ukraine respectively.