To ensure an even more thrilling and engaging user experience for our clients and potential partners, we’ve completely redesigned the 3DLOOK showcase application for iOS (Android version will come a bit later). This demo app unveils the technical capabilities of our human body scanning and measuring technology, which powers our human body data platform.

Thanks to the updated showcase app version 3.1 (1.2), you can:

  • measure your body and get accurate body parameters
  • get size & fit recommendations based on a general size chart
  • see your unique 3D body model and put it in AR

While redesigning the app, we focused on two main goals: 

  • bring the UI up to the modern standards (and beyond that);
  • and make the whole experience fun and engaging.

Based on your feedback we have made the user flow easier to understand and complete. We are now working on a complete redesign of the photo screen and real-time feedback for the user. We love feedback, so please stay tuned for future updates and, more importantly, download the newest version of the app to tell us what you think about it.

(!) Please note that this is not a full version of the application we provide for your clients, but a demo app which is a sneak-peak to our three products combined all together. The ready-made clients’ app works through a web + mobile interface and is specifically focused on the solution that your particular business is looking for.

If you have additional questions about our technology and want to understand the full scope of our solutions and the problems we are solving, feel free to contact us here.

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