3DLOOK joined Ralph Lauren’s Ideathon 2020 hackathon initiative to engage forward thinkers of the next generation in creating a better future for the fashion retail industry. In the brand’s pursuit to inspire a better life, Ralph Lauren is exploring ideas that will benefit society and lead to a more sustainable future.

The 24-hour Ideathon, hosted by The Wharton School’s Jay H. Baker Retailing Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, from January 24 to 25, attracted over 150 Wharton and UPenn students across majors, about 70% of whom were women. Participants were divided into 18 groups and challenged to create and pitch real-world solutions based on specific challenges defined by Ralph Lauren. There was a $10,000 cash prize for the winner of each challenge.

Whitney Cathcart, Co-founder and CSO at 3DLOOK, with a team of young disruptors and Mina Fader, Managing Director of Baker Retailing Center

Mentors from tech partners, industry leaders and retail tech disruptors helped students revamp the experience in retail stores, making it engaging and defining the future of how consumers experience products. Retail technology partners including 3DLOOK, Avery Dennison, Klarna (Pay Later), Radius8, SIRL and Hero showed how their solutions can tackle retail industry challenges.  

Whitney Cathcart, Co-founder and CSO at 3DLOOK, pitching 3DLOOK technology

3DLOOK was happy to join Ideathon as a tech partner. Whitney Cathcart, a co-founder of 3DLOOK and the company’s Chief Strategy Officer, showed Wharton and UPenn students the possibilities of 3DLOOK’s tech in tackling the core challenges of the hackathon. 

An AI-first technology company focused on personalization in retail, 3DLOOK is transforming how brands use data on customers’ body types and measurements with their body data platform.

Visualization of 3DLOOK’s body data platform

3DLOOK helps brands pursue their sustainability goals through a better understanding of the shapes of their customers’ bodies. Brands can use data provided by 3DLOOK technologies to design better fitting clothing and reduce waste. That can lead to reducing the number of returns and improving the way apparel is made.

More sustainable business model with 3DLOOK

With 3DLOOK’s cross-platform widget, apparel brands can integrate consumers’ 3D body data into their production cycles, facilitate a personalized shopping experience and increase the level of confidence in purchases. We’re proud that many of the winning Ideathon teams incorporated 3DLOOK’s tech into their final presentations!

Great validation to see Gen Z so excited about building our 3D fit and sizing solution into the retail challenges. Unbelievable innovation and creativity. The future of retail is bright!’

Whitney CathcartCo-Founder and CSO at 3DLOOK

We were excited to attend this hackathon and inspire the next generation of retail leaders. 3DLOOK would also like to thank Ralph Lauren for using its brand power to strive for a more sustainable fashion future. The Ralph Lauren teams provided a platform for youth and a deep understanding that innovation happens when we work together. We’re excited about the future of fashion and collaborating with innovative brands like Ralph Lauren.

If you have additional questions about our technology and want to understand the full scope of our solutions and the problems we are solving, feel free to contact us here.

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