How we protect personal data

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Technological advancements continue to grow at an exponential rate but so do cybersecurity risks. Last year ransomware saw an increase of 2,5% and affected hospitals, private businesses, and individuals across the world. This trend is expected to continue into 2018 as companies continue to store large amounts of data on the cloud which is a prime target for cybercriminals. According to a recent MIT study, ransomware is likely to be targeted at cloud computing solutions in 2018. It’s imperative that companies continue to combat these data breaches and strive to protect personal data responsibly. 3DLOOK is dedicated to creating innovative solutions for the apparel manufacturing and retail industry by creating easy-to-use technology to scan and measure the human body. More than that, we are dedicated to protecting our customers’ private data.

We care about the privacy of our users and take considerable care when handling sensitive data such as personal photos professionally and discretely. The scanning process used in our SAIA Perfect Fit and SAIA 3D products is quite simple to use and secure for our users. First, we obtain photos via SSL connection so no one can see them. Those photos are processed by the servers to obtain landmarks on user’s body, which are then processed to calculate the measurements and mesh of the user’s body. Lastly, the images are deleted permanently and instantly after we obtain landmarks, and only user’s measurements and 3D models are stored for future use. From there, brands have the option to use these measurements to recommend products to a particular customer while simultaneously protecting his private data.

Here at 3DLOOK, we strive to ensure a superior experience for our business clients and partners while securely managing the personal data of their customers.

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