This blog post is part of an insightful series of interviews we are conducting with brightest minds working tirelessly to build & promote the 3DLOOK technology which aims to revolutionize the way we shop online.

This week we are happy to introduce Alexandra Sagaydak, our Head of Customer Success.

Alexandra Sagaydak, Head of Customer Success

What do you and your team do at 3DLOOK?

Our customer success team is in charge of making sure that our customers are happy! We also are responsible for looking for new leads and processing incoming requests. We work hard to fulfill our client’s wishes and expectations.

A big part of our job includes showing how revolutionary our technology is. Brands and retailers are turning to us to help them solve fit and sizing problems and to help them provide a better shopping journey for their customers. It is great to work with companies who are excited to use technology to solve one of their biggest problems — returns.

Recently we held a webinar specifically for MTM companies. Together with our Head of Business Development Joanna Ihoshyna, we showcased our effective solution which enables MTM businesses to enhance and accelerate their design and product development process. We see MTM businesses as a growing part of the fashion industry as more consumers expect higher levels of customization and that perfect fitting clothing! With our technology, MTM brands can provide a much simpler way for their customers to provide them with measurements. It is much easier to upload two photos than to manually measure yourself.

Tell us about the work process with your customers. What makes you a successful Head of Customer Success?

First of all, it is to service the customers the way you expect to be serviced when you are a customer yourself. I try hard to provide a smooth and seamless customer experience, and constant support.

Secondly, it is confidence that our product is one of the best on the market, meaning that it can meet clients’ needs and address their problems. That’s why it is so crucial to listen to feedback at all times.

I am a big fan of Steve Jobs who famously advocated his principle of “beginning with the customer experience and working backwards to the technology”.

I am a big fan of Steve Jobs who famously advocated his principle of "beginning with the customer experience and working backwards to the technology”.

Thirdly, it is love and respect towards our clients. What I actually start with is establishing the right contact with a person to understand his or her problems. Since it is not always possible to find a solution at once, it’s still very important to show that you really do care. Here at 3DLOOK we truly believe that a satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all.

Another important thing is dedicating enough time for every potential customer. There were situations this year when our prospective clients didn’t have the necessary resources for integration at the moment, yet they were willing to come back later when ready. And they did!

Indeed, many different people express a genuine interest in our updates, growth and development. Out technology is unique, as well as our customers – all of them live in different countries, speak different languages, and represent different cultures. This is another thing that a good Customer Success Manager should bear in mind – intercultural competence.

Alexandra Sagaydak, Head of Customer Success

The technology is new. Is it hard to communicate the core benefits & value of the products to clients?

I mostly work with the incoming requests. People who reach out to us already understand the uniqueness and value of our technology. Though it’s still essential to communicate the idea that our solutions are very simple and they don’t require many resources on the developer’s side.

In order to demonstrate all the potential of our products, we hold webinars, presentations, and send out emails. There is of course always the need to educate and we have specific process for all types of retailers, brands, MTM companies, uniform companies, etc… We listen to their pains and we constantly update our solutions to make our products better and address our customer’s needs.

What inspires you most in your work?

Our product. For me it’s just amazing and unique, because I look at it from the consumer’s perspective as well.

And of course I get inspired by the people I work with, especially our CEO. I have really never met people this proactive! So, when you know they are all there for you and you know them personally, you, too, believe that you can do anything.

The 3DLOOK Team at Mobile Beach Conference 2018, Odessa

What do you do outside of work?

I have various passions. Above all, it’s makeup. I like putting makeup on other people. Every new face for me is like a canvas for an artist. I love art and everything that has to do with it – architecture, sculpture, photography.

What makes me especially happy is reading, traveling, taking long walks and people watching. These are the things that inspire me. They are the fuel that keeps me running.

In your opinion, what is so valuable about 3DLOOK? How can 3DLOOK help change the world for the better?

In fact, 3DLOOK already addresses a lot of tangible problems.

For our clients, it is reducing return rates, increasing customer engagement, market expansion, and body inclusivity. The latter one becomes possible by providing apparel to people with non-standard body shape, proportion or measurements. There are indeed a lot of shoppers who aren’t quite satisfied with the available range of sizes in size charts. They are the ones looking for an opportunity to order clothes online without the headache of bad fit.

The fashion industry is a huge contributor to global waste and I believe that our technology will eventually help reduce waste. Finding the right size on the first try means fewer returns, less shipping, fewer boxes, and providing designers, brands, and retailers with the data they need to make a product that fits the consumer who is actually shopping their brand. It is very meaningful to me to be part of a company which values sustainability!

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