Meetup report and the future of mobile commerce

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Last week we hosted our event «AI, AR and VR for Retail Transformation» with Boost VC. We had a great audience join us who were a mix of retailers and technologists as well as people who were generally interested in the future of retail. Our moderator and panel, who had decades of experience in both retail and tech, had an enticing conversation. Topics covered included the importance of creating rich and personal in-store experiences and what that means for AR/VR in the near future as well as the 5-10 year horizon. There was a great conversation about using AI and deep learning to really personalize the online experience for the consumer. We talked about Gen Z and their expectations and desires around the online and in-store experience. This led to a discussion about fit technologies which address the online return rate and barriers to purchase. We discussed digital and automated innovations along the supply chain and how that affects speed.

The main takeaway from the evening was the focus on experience- from customer to store. This includes thinking about technology and retail as one channel and creating frictionless experiences. AI, AR and VR are enabling the complete transformation of commerce.


Vadim Rogovskiy, CEO and Сo-founder, 3DLOOK: 

After a fascinating discussion between leaders of companies from retail and tech, it is clear that the industry is undergoing its greatest transformation in the last 50 years. AI, AR, and VR technologies are rapidly changing commerce both in-store and online as well as fueling the rapid growth of mobile commerce.

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