A week ago, our CEO and co-founder, Vadim Rogovskiy, was featured on The Glocal’s Podcast – 3DLOOK: First steps to personalized fashion with AI. There he discusses how 3DLOOK is working to solve some of the biggest issues in the fashion industry through computer vision, machine learning, and 3D matching technologies. He also shares his experience founding and scaling two prior startups, and what it’s like to do business with your dad.

Amazon dominance, enormous m-commerce rise, retail market stagnation – all these tendencies demand retailers to innovate, and 3DLOOK is powering this innovation by addressing issues around fit and sizing which plague the fashion industry. We believe that everyone’s body is different and that people deserve a personalized approach from retailers. And as the product development and manufacturing cycle flips to a consumer-driven model, the entire retail ecosystem is also going to be completely transformed over the next decade.

Vadim RogovskiyCEO & Co-Founder

What’s in this episode?

  1. Early days of ad business and the mobile opportunity 
  2. Growing company’s revenue to 125% and its profit growth to 186%
  3. AI and ML technologies behind mobile body scanning 
  4. Transforming the e-commerce experience 
  5. Working together with your dad

Listen to the full episode here:







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