We are excited to announce the release of our latest product SAIA 3D. It is an easy to use SaaS platform which captures body measurements and generates accurate 3D body models from just two photos.

Powered by our massively improved 3D model generation, SAIA 3D aims to help online brands and retailers create an enhanced online shopping experience for their customers, solve fit and size problems, increase conversion rates, and lower return rates.

The newly launched SAIA 3D now includes a flexible API, mobile SDK and personal accounts for each client enabling them to sign up, upload two photos and instantly receive measurements and 3D avatars of their customer. Businesses can then analyze data of the 3D models which accurately capture sizing trends, market segments, and analytics about their actual end-customer.

The fully-automated platform also allows users to manage their accounts, billing and requests, and download and share the 3D body models.

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