In honor of International Women’s Day, we’re highlighting just a handful of the women working tirelessly to make 3DLOOK great. This blogpost is devoted to shining a spotlight on the most inspirational women behind our success:

Whitney Cathcart
Co-founder/ Chief Strategy Officer

Whitney Cathcart, Co-founder / Chief Strategy Officer

What does working at 3DLOOK mean to you?

I am enthralled by the intersection of technology and business, so to play a significant role in building a company who is helping to disrupt and transform an industry where I have spent my entire professional life is the most rewarding work of my career. I am equally proud to work with a team who values the increased innovation, creativity, and enhanced problem solving that comes with a company where women represent almost 40% of the total.

What advice would you give to women interested in pursuing a career in tech?

The two words that come to mind are vision and opportunity. I didn’t start out thinking I would ever play a role in tech. However, what I did see several years ago was an industry that was ripe for disruption. And it was in this vision where I saw the opportunity to take a leap and play a huge role in combining those two worlds – intersecting retail and technology. Technology benefits from creative thinking and I see a future where women have an opportunity to play a major role in building and shaping the companies of tomorrow. Everything we do in the future will be founded in technology and affected by technology. Therefore, there is a place for all women to have an opportunity to significantly contribute to our future world. You don’t have to have a technical degree to play a role in a tech company. What you do need, in my opinion, is curiosity, grit, vision, and tenacity.

(but don’t get me wrong, a technical degree definitely helps!)

Daria Shtanakova
Python Developer

What does working at 3DLOOK mean to you?

I joined 3DLOOK as Junior Dataset Manager and mostly worked with data at first. But then I was super excited to discover that some processes can be automated with the help of code. Here my initiative was always welcomed, and as a result, I was given increased responsibility. I am now super excited to work in 3D as a Python Developer.

The thing I love about my work is that it involves solving important problems, conducting fascinating research,  and requires the application of numerous techniques.

I do love my job and the things I do here. At 3DLOOK, I have been able to advance quickly and the company as always been loyal and supportive of my drive.

Daria Shtanakova, Python Developer

What advice would you give to women interested in pursuing a career in tech?

Back at the university I had my doubts about whether building a career in tech is for me, and sometimes I still do, but now all these doubts, instead, motivate me to grow and exploit new vistas of opportunities.

There is a perception that women are insecure and unsure of themselves. But even if it’s so, why not exploit it as your strength? Go question everything! There are numerous solutions to the same task, and only by having doubts will you discover the new and fresh ones.

Another thing I learned is that you don’t need to prove anything to any man or woman, only to yourself. Like other industries, tech still has its prejudice against women. Fortunately, it’s much rarer and is expressed differently.

For me, the difference between the way women and men look at the world is not a drawback, but a benefit, and should be used in resolving multifaceted tasks. However, be ready to sometimes spend more time, energy, and patience to prove your point to more experienced male counterparts.

My advice is never to give up, to constantly learn, set great goals for yourself, and persevere in pursuit of them. In the history of IT, there have been numerous examples of women who reached the top and you can definitely become the next one of them.

So, try to start with something simple – reading articles about tech sectors and their requirements. Then decide on what you find most interesting, choose the programming language (I would advise Python, of course), join tech communities, and start taking free courses, reading books and articles. Then you will be able to create your own “bicycles” from scratch and find simple solutions to everyday problems.

Anna Antoniuk
Product Owner

Anna Antoniuk. Product Owner

What does working at 3DLOOK mean to you?

The most important thing for me is the philosophy and the main idea of the company. If the product can address a grave problem, I’m ‘all in’ to help reach its full potential.

Especially if it comes to the fashion industry and shopping. The technology we are building at 3DOOK will solve many issues that plague retail and fashion: fit, inaccurate size charts, high returns rates, lack of data and low consumer confidence. In my mind, our solutions have the ability to transform the industry and create new efficiencies around fit and sizing as a whole.

What advice would you give to women interested in pursuing a career in tech?

It is sometimes assumed that resolving serious technical issues is a prerogative of men. But in reality, if you are doing a good job, it doesn’t matter whether you are a woman or a man.

So, my only advice is shine bright like a diamond and don’t stop until you’re proud!

Elena Bilonenko
TL Dataset Manager

What does working at 3DLOOK mean to you?

For me, it is being part of a wonderful team of educated, tactful and active people. It is work in which our professionals put their souls, time, and faith.

Our enthusiastic and motivated team wholeheartedly believe that the technology we are building will help people save time on choosing proper clothes, make size determination unbelievably simple, and spare both shoppers and retailers from constant returns.

Elena Bilonenko, TL Dataset Manager

What advice would you give to women interested in pursuing a career in tech?

It is imperative not to be afraid to fail. Adopt a deliberate mindset, and don’t be afraid to take chances.

And never ever be afraid of dreaming. Most people in tech are really progressive and open-minded. They will always give you the help or advice you need, and teach you how to be proud both of yourself and of your collective success.

Katerina Galich
Chief Customer Officer

Katerina Galich, Chief Customer Officer

What does working at 3DLOOK mean to you?

Working on technology connected with fashion and the clothing industry? It’s every woman’s dream! Especially if you are directly involved in the development of technology which has the potential to transform the whole industry, make it more technological, personalized, and at the same time more eco-friendly. That is my main motivation.

But what’s also important here is the fast-growing interest towards our solutions from the world’s biggest brands which affect the overall growth in the sector. This piques my interest to work on it harder and harder every day.

What advice would you give to women interested in pursuing a career in tech?

Technology rules the world now, so you can definitely find where your passions or hobbies intersect with tech. Try to figure out what you’re passionate about, combine it with technologies, and maybe it will become your vocation, your success, your entire life work.

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