We are excited to announce the grant of a U.S. patent for 3DLOOK’s mobile body scanning technology! This has been 4 years in the making, creating solutions for the apparel industry to better understand what their customers look like.

Our proprietary technology inputs 2 photos from the customer, uses a combination of computer vision, neural networks, and 3D statistical modeling to create a unique 3D model and generates 68 points of measurement of the human body – all under 1 minute without human-to-human touch.

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"At 3DLOOK we are extremely proud to have been granted this important patent," says Alex Arapov, 3DLOOK Co-founder and Chief Product Officer who oversees it’s team of over 25 engineers and developers . "We have spent the last 4 years building, testing, and perfecting our core technology and the accuracy of our 3D models and measurements to be able to make a real difference in how brands interact with their customers. Now, our proprietary technologies are patent protected. Our technical roadmap is aggressive as we continue to build on the user experience and expand our datasets. We are super excited about the next several quarters with a list of impressive new features and products to be released beginning this fall."

Alex ArapovCo-founder and CPO at 3DLOOK

Read more about our patented technology here: https://bit.ly/39cRjeY

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