How do you solve low consumer confidence and high product returns?

We live in a hyper-connected world and the modern consumer at the very least expects hyper-personalized offers and discounts, alongside product recommendations on size, fit, color, and style.

Personalization 1.0 is not enough anymore.

With digital commerce transforming retail as nothing has before, more and more companies are betting on innovative tools and technologies to unlock the missing piece of the consumer matrix – physical body data – and provide a shopping experience for their customers which is hyper-personalized, experiential, and available anywhere.

Download this white paper for the tools you’ll need to drive personalization and sales in fashion e-commerce.

You will discover:

  • The biggest barriers to online shopping today!
  • The importance of fit communication between brands, retailers and shoppers, and the tools to accomplish it.
  • The value physical body data brings to a brands bottom line by decreasing returns and increasing conversion.
  • The means to leverage consumer body data to personalize marketing, optimize production, logistics and planning.

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