A cutting edge human body measuring solution powered by AI

Mobile Tailor instantly generates an accurate 3D model and over 80 precise measurements from two photos taken on any smartphone camera.

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What is Mobile Tailor

Drive Revenue for your business.

Mobile Tailor is an accurate digital body measuring solution designed to help businesses reduce the time and inconsistencies associated with manual measurements.

Mobile Tailor enables businesses to easily collect and manage body measurements directly through the intuitive platform by sending their customers a scanning link via SMS or email. Ecommerce businesses can also also choose to add the Mobile Tailor Measuring Widget directly to their website.

Mobile Tailor has proven to reduce alterations cost 
by as much as 50% and remakes by as much as 90%.

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body measurements

30 sec

measuring process


photos needed

How can your company use Mobile Tailor?

Mobile Tailor can be used in multiple use cases depending on your business needs

Measurement Scanning Links for custom clothing and rental businesses

Ideal for brick and mortar businesses looking to expand revenue and service customers who can not visit the store. Mobile Tailor can also be used as a confirmation link for appointment booking, making your business appeal to a digital generation.


Mobile Tailor empowers clients to share measurements frequently, as weight and shape can change. This means fewer in-person measuring sessions and the ability to scan whenever and wherever.


Mobile Tailor’s measuring widget can be embedded anywhere on your website or product pages. Shoppers tap the widget, complete the quick flow, and in seconds, their scanning data is visible in your personal admin panel.

Customer Love & Customer Support

Integrated into a clienteling app via API or a quick scanning link sent via SMS or email, Mobile Tailor helps your company elevate customer support to the next level.

Discover the Benefits of Mobile Tailor

Make you customers feel like a million bucks with perfectly fitted clothing

Accurate Measurements 
and 3D models

Our advanced AI technology captures over 80 precise measurements, eliminating the need for multiple fittings and ensuring the perfect fit for your clients. Our 3D models can be uploaded in any 3D design software.

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NO Integration needed

Mobile Tailor does not require any integrations. Our solution is easy to get started with and easy to use. This means that you can provide your clients with an effortless and fast way to collect measurements in a safe and secure environment. 

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Time and Cost Efficiency

Reduce the time spent on manual measurements and alterations, allowing your staff to focus on providing exceptional customer service and growing your business.

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Enhanced Customer Experience

Offer your clients a seamless, personalized, and convenient shopping experience by providing them with clothing fit to their unique body measurements and shape.

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The first and only SaaS measuring solution. 
Get started at once, no integration required.

Appeal to a younger digital generation who are tech savvy and expect highly personalized experiences

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How Mobile Tailor Works

The platform was designed with you in mind. Simple, fast, efficient. You choose the best option for your business.

Email, SMS, or

website widget

Send a personal measurement link to your customers via email or SMS, or directly from your website. You choose which option is best for you and your customers with the Mobile Tailor measuring Widget

Customers snap

2 photos

Your customers measure themselves so you don't have to. Instantly, with only 2 photos and without physical contact. All they need is a smartphone.

Instantly receive body measurements and a 3D avatar

View your customer's measurements in your personal, easy-to-navigate dashboard in less than a minute. Customize your dashboard to view what matters most to you. Export files and 3D models or connect to your internal systems via our API.


Unmatched Advantages of 3DLOOK’s Scanning Technology

Our Mobile Body Scanning technology is the outcome of seven years of development by world-class AI, computer vision, 3D, and apparel fitting experts. Backed by our in-house 3D scanning lab and extensive synthetic data, we deliver precise and reliable measurements for diverse body shapes.

With a trusted track record serving 70+ long-term customers, our technology is uniquely capable of serving various industries, including uniform companies, made-to-measure men’s and womenswear, bridal, rental, formalwear, and more.

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Mobile Tailor saved my business over Covid and has helped me to expand it globally with accurate digital measurements. I have very high-profile and discerning clientele, and they find using Mobile Tailor to be private, fast, and convenient. Being digital also gives me an edge
Ravi Punn, Founder/ CEO Baynes and Baker


What sets 3DLOOK's scanning technology apart from other solutions?

Our Mobile Body Scanning technology is the result of seven years of development by world-class experts in AI, computer vision, 3D, and apparel fitting. Our in-house 3D scanning lab enables us to generate synthetic data for training and testing our algorithms on a diverse range of body shapes. With over 70 long-term customers, including some of the world’s largest fashion brands and e-commerce companies, we have established a reputation for consistent and accurate measurements. Our technology is uniquely capable of serving a variety of industries, including uniform companies, made-to-measure mens and womenswear, bridal, rental, formalwear, and more.

What value can Mobile Tailor bring to our business?

Mobile Tailor has been designed to help businesses maximize their revenue by reducing the time spent on manual measurements and alterations so businesses can focus on providing exceptional customer service and growing their business.

How does Mobile Tailor work?

The Mobile Tailor admin panel lets businesses share a scanning link via email or SMS with their customers from their Mobile Tailor Admin Panel. E-commerce companies can also embed a Measurement widget anywhere on their site or product pages. In either case, the scanning link quickly guides a user through a simple front and side photo capture process. Their measurements will immediately be visible in the business’ Mobile Tailor Admin panel.

Do I need to integrate Mobile Tailor with my business backend to use it?

No. Mobile Tailor is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution that requires no integration. Once you select a plan, you can begin using Mobile Tailor immediately. Some plans do include an API making it easy for businesses to connect to their internal systems if needed.

Are there specific clothing requirements?

Mobile Tailor works best when users wear tight-fitted bottoms (ie, leggings) and tops (ie, tight tee shirt, tank top, sports bra).

How long does it take to scan?

The entire scanning process takes under 3 minutes. Measurements are instantly visible in the business admin panel.

How do you address privacy?

We take the privacy of our clients and their users very seriously. Photos are used to process the results (3D model generation and computation of measurements). A client can request to have photos for their account deleted immediately by contacting us at privacy@3dlook.me with a deletion request.

What if the user is alone? How do they scan?

We offer two options for customers to scan themselves: ‘With a friend’ mode, where another person can take the scan, or ‘Hands-free’ mode, where our voice control guides the user through a quick scan by themselves, using a desk-high table to angle the phone making the process quick and easy.

Do you have an option for our customers to upload existing photos?

No, we have found that the most accurate output comes from scans processed through our widget, which includes a gyroscope for angle control.

How does my customer scan themselves?

Depending on your plan, your customer will receive an SMS or email with a measurement link, or access the link by tapping on the measurement widget on your website. They will open the link through a smartphone browser and follow the instructions to scan by taking two photos – one from the front and one from the side. They can ask a friend to help or use the voice-controlled table flow. Feel free to watch our demo.

The only SaaS measuring solution. 
Get started at once, no integration required.

Become a part of the growing number of businesses that have experienced the Mobile Tailor digital advantage

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