Physical Profile Data Analytics

Physical Body Profile Data is the missing piece of the consumer matrix. Combined with existing data sets, body profiles will unlock a new dimension of valuable consumer insights

Personalized Analytics Dashboard

Bring real time intelligence with actual Human Body Data generated from just two photos of your customers in a customizable dashboard.

With each scan we create a Physical Body Profile which can be segmented and used across multiple sources and divisions in your company from marketing and sales to product development, merchandising, and planning

What type of data do we compute?

24 Body Measurements
Geographical Location

Starting with country and up to locality

Device and OS
3D Contour

Approximate age

Data Yields Insight

Leverage consumer data to personalize marketing campaigns and optimize production, logistics, and planning bringing greater efficiency to your business

Location Based Insights

  • How should leggings be designed for urban consumers?
  • Why are returns 30% higher in Chicago?

Personalized Shopping

  • What tops should I display to shoppers with this body shape?
  • What marketing campaigns should I run for shoppers with this size?

Production and Logistics

  • What inventory should be at each distribution center?
  • What should production runs look like for each size?

Data Privacy Concerns

What personal data do you process?

While using our technology we ask only for two photos, height and gender. We don’t ask for any personal information. We also might compute other data such as geographical location. The photos are processed and instantly deleted from our servers.

Should my customers worry about their photos?

No, we don’t store the photos. They are instantly deleted from our servers after the initial processing.