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Reduce returns with SAIA
SAIA can help you reduce returns, increase conversion rate and improve the shopping experience for your customers
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Easy to start

SAIA is a plug & play solution. Simply paste a code on your website, upload size charts of your apparel product and configure a couple of settings

Easy to use

Your customer uploads two photos within the widget on your website. SAIA processes the photos, matches measurements with size charts and shows the right size for a particular product

The Perfect Fit

You can use SAIA to make personalized recommendations to your customers of products that will fit their measurements, which makes the online shopping experience seamless and fast

User friendly experience

60% of online shoppers are willing to upload their photos to get the right size

Satisfied customers

Our tests show that shoppers are satisfied with the SAIA shopping experience

Reduced return rate

Installing SAIA reduces return rate

SAIA makes online shopping smarter

SAIA widget is our plug & play solution for apparel e-commerce: simply paste a code on your website and configure a couple of settings in personal dashboard. Your customer will be prompted to upload two photos within the widget. SAIA will then make personalized recommendations of a product that will fit customer’s body size and shape.

Seamless experience

Using SAIA Perfect Fit is as easy as taking a selfie. Your customer doesn’t have to measure his entire wardrobe or complete a long questionnaire. All that is required is to enter the height select gender and upload two photos. The whole user flow takes up to two minutes to complete, which makes SAIA Perfect Fit one of the most user-friendly solutions on the market.

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SAIA Personal Dashboard and Reporting API


The power of data

Get access to your account where you can find all the necessary documentation and support, and track how many of your customers have measured themselves, and how it affects your sales. A reporting API for enterprise clients puts the power of SAIA’s technology into your hands by providing insights of up to 100 body measurements for each customer.

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The most common questions about SAIA

What measurements can we get with your technology?

A list of the measurements is available on our technical demo page. If you need additional measurements of the human body that are not listed in the demo, feel free to contact us.

Can you define the size and what size standard do you use (US, EU)?

Yes, but you need to set up your size charts and add items that should be matched with them. With access to personal dashboard you get a tutorial on how to do this properly.

How accurate is your technology?

The margin in measuring human body can reach a couple of centimeters (up to 1-2 inches) at the time. Human body is not a static object. Even when we are standing still we breathe and we still move slightly. Accuracy is one of main directions of our work. Right now the accuracy of SAIA allows us to measure and determine clothing size with precision of 98%.

To get the most accurate measurements your body should remain inside the screen and be as static as possible. Try to wear casual fitted clothes. Please bare in mind that even the height of a person that takes the photo of you might slightly affect the result.

Does your technology allow to build 3D models for an accurate match to customers' bodies?

Yeah, we work with 3D models. Please refer to our 3D API page.

Is SAIA Perfect Fit available for mobile?

SAIA widget works on both a desktop and mobile version of your website. The mobile version is available immediately after desktop integration. There is no need to integrate it twice. The customer’s account is automatically synchronized between all devices.

Can we add custom measurements?

Measurements are strictly dependent on our technology. We are constantly adding more. Now we can define up to 100 different measurements of the body, but not all of them are included in the demo. Please send us the list of measurements you need to get with the help of our technology and we’ll get back to you with an answer.

How many pictures you need to return the measurements?

Depends on what you need to measure. One front picture is enough to get shoulder width, for example; but for chest, hips and waist volume we need two pictures: front and profile.

How much time does it require to define the measurements?

It takes up to ten seconds. The time depends on your internet connection: the better it is, the faster we process the photos.

Should the customers download any software?

No, SAIA isn’t a dedicated app — it’s a widget that is integrated within your app or website. So the customers won’t leave your app and website. They can take or upload photos anytime during shopping.

What quality is expected from photos? Are mobile pictures ok?

One of the key features of 3DLOOK technology is that it works on mobile devices. So, the mobile pictures are good. Minimum and maximum resolutions are 480х640 2000х4000.

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