With accurate 3D models of your customers you can now understand how to plan and execute production, adjust sizing charts, update grading rules, improve inventory management and get to market faster

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Two photos

To create a 3D model you need only two photos


The next step is to upload the photos via our API


Our technology then processes the photos on our servers

two men


We use measurements and complex 3D geometry to build a 3D model

one man

The result

The 3D model is ready for use in fashion retail, product design, virtual dressing, and AR

Powerful Data

Bring real intelligence to the product development process with body size and shape data generated from the 3D models of your actual customers


SAIA 3D brings your customers actual body models to the design and product development process creating true to life garment fit simulation

Virtual Try-On

Our 3D models can be used for virtual try-on and AR solutions to show your customers how they will look like in your products

Fully Compatible

Our 3D models are easily exported in all popular 3D formats for use with the major product development software solutions


What file format are 3D models saved in?

3D models are saved in .obj which then can be converted in any popular 3D format.

What should the customer wear to take photos?

Our technology works on people wearing tight fitted casual clothes.

How can we access SAIA 3D API?

To access SAIA 3D API you need to request a quote via the form on the website and we will get in touch with you in 24 hours.

What measurements can we get with your technology?

A list of the measurements is available on our SAIA MTM page. If you need additional measurements of the human body that are not listed on the website, feel free to contact us.

Start using SAIA 3D for your business today

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