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Know your customers better
with saia 3d
With accurate 3D models of your customers you can now understand how to plan and execute production, adjust sizing charts, update grading rules, improve inventory management and get to market faster
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3DLOOK technology

SAIA 3D API uses 3DLOOK technology to generate accurate 3D models of the human body

Highly accurate 3D models

The measurements are processed either by two photos of your customers or by manual input. This increases the accuracy of 3D models.

Grow your business with SAIA 3D

3D models can be used in production, marketing and selling your apparel products, as the basis of virtual try-on tools and other

Uploading data

We build 3D models of the human body either by processing input measurements, or from 2 uploaded photos. The quality we expect from photos could be achieved with a simple smartphone camera. The background on which the photos were taken doesn't matter.

Processing parameters

We build 3D models of the human body by translating linear parameters into splines while maintaining a single topology of the human body as seen on the picture. Each parameter is determined by a self-learning neural network.


The 3D model the can be textured with our built-in 3D engine, or depending on client's need and the texture that should be used, it can as well be textured on the client's side.

Use cases

With SAIA 3D API you can easily build sizing recommendation engines, virtual try-on applications. 3D models can be used for pre-production and fit stages of manufacturing to increase speed and efficiency of go to market timeline.

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Your height should be between 150 - 210 cm
Your height should be between 5’ 0’’ and 6’ 10’’
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The most common questions about SAIA 3D

What file format are 3D models saved in?

3D models are saved in .OBJ format type.

The OBJ file format is a simple data-format that represents 3D geometry alone — namely, the position of each vertex, the UV position of each texture coordinate vertex, vertex normals, and the faces that make each polygon defined as a list of vertices, and texture vertices.

The OBJ file format is most common for 3D objects.

Should the person in photo wear underwear?

No. The person in photo can wear casual fitted clothes.

Our technology predicts what the human looks like using neural networks. We don’t need to actually “see” the body to build a 3D model.

How can we access SAIA 3D API?

Just complete the form below this page and we will be in touch with you soon.

Should you have any questions you can always contact us via Intercom (see the blue bubble on the right bottom of this page).

How accurate is your technology?

The margin in measuring human body can reach a couple of centimeters (up to 1-2 inches) at the time. Human body is not a static object. Even when we are standing still we breathe and we still move slightly. Accuracy is one of main directions of our work. Right now the accuracy of SAIA allows us to measure and determine clothing size with precision of 98%.

To get the most accurate measurements your body should remain inside the screen and be as static as possible. Try to wear casual fitted clothes. Please bare in mind that even the height of a person that takes the photo of you might slightly affect the result.

What measurements can we get with your technology?

A list of the measurements is available on our technical demo page. If you need additional measurements of the human body that are not listed in the demo, feel free to contact us.

Can we add custom measurements?

Measurements are strictly dependent on our technology. We are constantly adding more. Now we can define up to 100 different measurements of the body, but not all of them are included in the demo. Please send us the list of measurements you need to get with the help of our technology and we’ll get back to you with an answer.

How much time does it require to define the measurements?

It takes up to ten seconds. The time depends on your internet connection: the better it is, the faster we process the photos.

What quality is expected from photos? Are mobile pictures ok?

One of the key features of 3DLOOK technology is that it works on mobile devices. So, the mobile pictures are good. Minimum and maximum resolutions are 480х640 2000х4000. The background on which photos were taken doesn’t matter.

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