Our proprietary and patented AI-first technology delivers the accuracy of a professional tailor in under a minute

We use disruptive technologies to process and measure the human body from just two photos from any mobile device with high accuracy

Computer Vision & Deep Learning

We use computer vision and deep learning to analyze the photo from which we acquire and process the human body and very specific body shape data. Our advanced computer vision algorithms detect the dressed human body on photos taken with any smartphone on any background. Neural networks determine landmarks and produce a set of probability maps.

Proprietary Statistical Modelling

Proprietary statistical modelling is responsible for generating human models of arbitrary complexities. We have a full pipeline here that goes from registering raw scans. The dataset of the raw scans is consistently growing due to our scanning lab. We also use our statistical modelling to generate synthetic data.

Machine Learning & 3D Matching

We use Machine Learning & 3D Matching to build a unique 3D model of each scanned customer based on detected landmarks allowing us to accurately obtain human body measurements.

Our own body scanning lab

Our own 3D body scanning lab utilizes infrared depth sensors to extract and record over 100 data points on the human body and allows us to learn more about diversity among body shapes. We employ machine learning techniques for big data analysis to find patterns and dependencies that are most likely to succeed and create real-looking 3D models.


Our powerful API lets you quickly and seamlessly implement our technology within your websites and mobile applications. Refer to our API documentation for a detailed definition & description of integration options. To get an API key please contact us.

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Intelligent Body Measurement

patented technology


Tech Team Leaders

Georgiy Moliboga

Chief Technology Officer

Georgii has over 8 years of experience specializing in DSP, 3D, and ML. He provides technical vision and architectural leadership for the core team. He enjoys collaborating with peers and finding the right solution for any business problem. Georgii also holds a master's degree in statistics.

Alex Arapov

Chief Product Officer

Alex began his entrepreneurial journey at the age of 20 and by 26 he was already managing the development of a Fortune 500 e-commerce company. He is a certified product owner and experienced engineering leader with over 8 years of experience directing consumer facing mobile products and project management teams.

Ivan Makeev

Chief Scientific Officer

Ivan has a PhD in computational and applied mathematics with over 15 years of both commercial and academic R&D expertise specializing in computer vision and machine learning. He has authored a number of international patents and algorithmic contributions to technical standards. Ivan oversees the R&D roadmap and core technology advancements and innovations.

We architect, build and deliver robust world-class solutions entirely in-house, backed by our reputation fo quality, stability and support.


million data points collected

70 +

points of measure

100 %

in-house & independent


full-time R&D experts

Our Tech Growth

  1. One-Photo Flow Launch

    Increasing accuracy of measurements due to further scientific research of the human body types

    Reaching 500,000 body scans

    Pursuing the strategy of providing a digital passport for every smartphone owner

  2. US Patent awarded

    Mobile Tailor launched: the first self-service tool for made-to-measure and on-demand businesses

    New feature: 'Hands-free'. The new mode allows customers to receive precise body measurements and personalized size and fit recommendations without third-party assistance for a safe and contactless shopping experience, anytime, anywhere

    Purchase of in-house 3D body scanner to expand datasets and further R&D

  3. Body Data Platform released

    Increased number of body measurements from 24 to 70

    Further optimization of 3D model generation and measurement accuracy

    Launch of Size and Fit Recommendation Solution for fashion brands and retailers

  4. SAIA 3D Platform release: easy-to-use SaaS platform which captures body measurements and generates accurate 3D body models from just two photos

    SAIA 3D included a flexible API, mobile SDK, and personal accounts for each client enabling them to sign up, upload two photos and instantly receive measurements and 3D avatars of their customer

  5. 3D models with more polygons and improved resolution

    The enhancements included improved resolution of certain body parts resulting in an update to our 3D model generation algorithms

    Increased the complexity of our models to 55K polygons for males and 88k polygons for females

  6. 3DLOOK is founded

    The core technology enabled a user to create a 3D model and measurements of their body from just 2 photos with a try-on filter that would enable them to see how clothes looked on their bodies

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