Size Management System for Uniform Manufacturers, their Sales and Retail Network

Uniform Pro

Instant and remote capturing of body data to deliver well-fitted uniforms to your customers

Mobile tailor
  • Contactless Body Measuring and Size Recommendation

    A safe, time-saving and cost-saving alternative to the traditional measurement and fitting process through its innovative cross-platform widget that captures body measurements from just two photos in under a minute. The digital solution reduces time spent at in-person fitting events and makes the capture and size recommendation process efficient by delivering the right size recommendation to the end-wearer, anytime, anywhere.

    Contactless Body Measuring and Size Recommendation
  • System Tailored to Completely Optimize the Uniform Businesses

    At 3DLOOK we understand how important a well-fitted uniform is to employee happiness and productivity. We also understand the time and cost of in-person fitting events. Our Uniform Pro system solves both of these problems for your business and for the end-wearer.

    System Tailored to Completely Optimize the Uniform Businesses
  • Save time and cut costs, providing a safe experience for sales teams and end-wearers

    We match the body data of the end-wearer generated by our scanning technology to the fit data of the specific uniform in under 45 seconds. This reduces the time needed to travel to fitting events and loads all the end-wearer and size recommendation data into a dashboard for each sales rep to view and manage.

    Save time and cut costs, providing a safe experience for sales teams and end-wearers

A simple, instant, and contactless tool to measure end-wearers at fitting events or wherever they are and collect size recommendations and measurement data.

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  • Customizable Scanning App

    A simple cross-platform (iOS & Android) tool used to generate size recommendations at group measuring events and/or for an individual end-wearer.

    • End-wearer profile

    • Measurement process with only 2 photos

    • Scanning options for group events or for individual end-wearers

    Customizable Scanning App
  • Management Dashboard

    Complete top-to-bottom management system to manage the size recommendation process, connect end-wearers to the products and optimize size charts and grading rules.

    • Intuitive easy-to-use dashboard with detailed measurement analytics and daily scan data

    • Product data for an unlimited number of products

    • Add and manage fitting events and easily connect end-wearers to specific products

    • Check and manage size recommendations with options to connect to ERP systems

    • Manage dealers, retailers, and sales reps and assign them to relevant products

    Management Dashboard


  • Contactless & accurate body measuring and size recommendation

  • Optimized time and costs for fitting sessions

  • Daily insights to optimize product development and inventory, track events, scans, and size recommendation data

  • Innovative & personalized approach

  • New loyal partners & geos

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