Understand your customers’

body shape data

3D BODY MODEL software creates a digital avatar of your customer, which then can be used by design, product development, and marketing teams

How does it work


Upload two photos:

full body photo or selfie would work

Create your unique

personal 3D model

Try on products

and visualize how clothes look like on you

Engage with your avatar

in Augmented Reality

The Value


increase in conversation rate after Virtual Try On implementation


increase in revenue per customer


of customers prefer to shop at stores that offer AR experience

Virtual Try On

in Augmented Reality

Create an exciting and interactive virtual shopping experience in a real-world environment using Virtual Dressing in AR

Use Cases

Learn how you can use our solutions to power your business with easy integration via API or SDK

Virtual Try On

for web and mobile

Create a virtual dressing room for use on your website or in your mobile application by combining our technology with 3D clothing. Our 3D avatars are fully compatible with all major 3D fashion design software.

Virtual Try On

for in-store use

Elevate the in-store experience for your customer and empower your staff with our Virtual Dressing application.

Virtual Try On


Our technology powers Virtual Try-On mirrors and creates an actual unique avatar of your customer. Virtual dressing mirrors save your customer’s time, get rid of the dressing room hassle, and create an engaging in-store experience.

Virtual Fit


Our technology brings new levels of personalization to the product development and fitting process by empowering teams to design and fit on their actual consumer’s avatar. We understand that designing for inclusivity means understanding all the body shapes of your diverse customer base so that you can bring deeper intelligence to design, fit, and grading.

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