Our solutions empower brands, retailers, and e-commerce businesses to deliver hyper-personalized customer experiences across all channels

LVMH Innovation Award 2019 Winner

Human Body Data Profile

With just two photos we compute measurements, body shape and an accurate 3D model of your customer

The Future of Personalization

We use this data to help you create a shopping experience for your customers which is a hyper-personalized, intuitive, and available anywhere


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Personalized Size Recommendations

With only two photos our Perfect Fit solution removes the uncertainty around size and fit with the smoothest user flow and simple size recommendation for all products

Virtual Dressing & AR

Let your customers see how product fits their actual body size and shape with our Virtual Try-On solution

Instant Human Body Measuring

Eliminates the time and expense needed to manually measure customers. Our solution generates a list of 24 measurements of your customers with just a few clicks

Our Clients

Physical Profile Data Analytics

Capture your customer’s unique Body Profile Data in one place. Our solution generates enriched, customized, realtime physiometric data creating a holistic view of the customer so that you can concept, design, and produce the right product from the beginning and create personalized marketing campaigns to encourage repeat purchases and drive more revenue

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You can try out our technology and different use cases with the 3DLOOK showcase app. Simply take two photos of yourself, enter your height and gender, and we do the rest. At the time we provide the app by request.

  • Processing of accurate measurements
  • Virtual try-on
  • Sizes in different brands

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