What do you know about your customers?

Customer intelligence powered by body data to help you deliver new levels of personalization

Human Body Data Profile

With just two photos we compute measurements, body shape and an accurate 3D model of your customer

The Future of Personalization

We use this data to help you create a shopping experience for your customers which is a hyper-personalized, intuitive, and available anywhere


Measure your customers remotely

3D Models for
Virtual Dressing & AR

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Personalized shopping experience
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Our Clients

“3DLOOK’s technology made our business possible. Without the ability to measure people digitally it would not even be possible for me to start it. ”

Maria TranSales Business Development and Co-Founder at Josephine Silk Couture

“In the past we used both body scans and hand measuring just to be on the safe side. But one day my stylist came to our client sans a measuring tape, and the 3DLOOK technology was our only hope. We made our first shirt solely upon the 3DLOOK scan, and it came out PERFECT. Now my stylists collect scans with every single set of measurements.”

Candace JonesFounder at Go Custom NYC

Try it out


You can try out our technology and different use cases with the 3DLOOK showcase app. Simply take two photos of yourself, enter your height and gender, and we do the rest. At the time we provide the app by request.

  • Processing of accurate measurements
  • Virtual try-on
  • Sizes in different brands

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