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We make it simple for you to know what your actual customers look like so you can design, produce and sell better fitting clothing

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Mobile Tailor

In the absence of person-to-person interaction, we have developed a self-service contactless body measuring solution enabling a simple way to digitize measurement capture so that made-to-measure businesses can easily operate online.


Our Clients

What do you know about your customers?

Customer intelligence powered by body data to help you deliver new levels of personalization. Size and fit recommendations for brands and retailers, body measurements for made to measure and uniform industries, and 3D models for product development and virtual dressing.

3DLOOK Body Data Platform

Human Body Measuring

Time-saving and cost-reducing measurement software that helps you quickly and accurately measure your customers

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Size and Fit Recommendations

Size and fit recommendation software which eliminates the guesswork of finding the right size for your customers helping to reduce returns

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3D Model Generation

3D body model generation software which powers virtual dressing for your product design and development teams as well as engaging end-customer solutions

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“We have a 6.3 percent conversion rate after using the 3DLOOK’s widget. Now, we’re gathering more sizing data from customers so that we can move forward with 3D patterning and customization. We know that’s where the consumer wants to go.”

Tanya ZrebiecVP of Strategy and Innovation at A3 Apparel Group, parent of 1822 Denim

“3D body scanning technology, from companies like 3DLOOK, may hold the solution to the ominous issue of returns and fit. The emerging technology helps customers get the right fit online, delivering a better customer experience and also cutting costs for retailers on reverse logistics.”

Deborah WeinswigFounder and CEO of Coresight Research

“I really enjoyed using 3DLOOK's body scanning solution. Its mobility is appealing to our students. We’ve analyzed the readings and find them to be within 90 - 95% accurate against the manual recording. ”

Gareth KershawResearcher in Menswear & Creative Pattern Cutting at RMIT University

“Jovani manufactures formal dresses and sells them online to 2000+ retailers from all over the world. 3DLOOK helps us to delight our international customers. They can easily measure themselves and select the size that fits them best.”

Nazy RafaeilDigital Marketing Manager at Jovani Fashions

“3DLOOK was one startup we chose as the winner of the LVMH Innovation Award 2019, awarded in front of an international crowd at Viva Tech Paris. Getting the right fit is both a reason customers hesitate when buying online as well as return items they have bought. Even a small increase in conversion and reduction in return rates would amount to huge progress for online shopping in fashion. The company that helps us find the right size from the convenience of our phones and comfort of our homes will usher in a new era of fashion e-commerce!”

Ian RogersChief Digital Officer at LVMH

“3DLOOK’s technology made our business possible. Without the ability to measure people digitally it would not even be possible for me to start it. ”

Maria TranSales Business Development and Co-Founder at Josephine Silk Couture

“In the past we used both body scans and hand measuring just to be on the safe side. But one day my stylist came to our client sans a measuring tape, and the 3DLOOK technology was our only hope. We made our first shirt solely upon the 3DLOOK scan, and it came out PERFECT. Now my stylists collect scans with every single set of measurements.”

Candace JonesFounder at Go Custom NYC

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You can try out our technology and different use cases with the 3DLOOK showcase app. Simply take two photos of yourself, enter your height and gender, and we do the rest. At the time we provide the app by request.

  • Processing of accurate measurements
  • Virtual try-on
  • Sizes in different brands