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Your body is a new medium now!
The first solution for instant body measuring from mobile devices
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Our technology allows us to measure the human body with high precision


We use neural networks and train them to process scanning results to reach an unprecedented level of accuracy


The technology of 2D matching with the real 3D human model allows to maximize the accuracy of the body measurements

Our solutions

SAIA Perfect Fit

SAIA Perfect Fit allows customers of any online apparel retailer to find their perfect size in a few seconds after uploading only 2 photos.


SAIA 3D is an API that can generate 3D body models of a customer with 2 photos for subsequent use for virtual try-on, pre-production and fit stages of manufacturing.

Perfect Fit SAIA 3D

Our apps


Our «Starlook» app takes the ambiguity and confusion around what size to buy away for all online shoppers. «Starlook» allows users to get their measurements and clothing size for up to 50 brands. Choosing the correct size for your individual body shape is now as simple as taking and uploading only 2 photos.


3DLOOK showcase app allows you to test our body measuring technology and check how we process and measure the human body. Just take two photos of yourself, enter height and gender and get your body measurements with additional details and description.

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LDV Vision Summit

May 23-24

New York, USA

AWE 2018

May 30 – June 1

Santa Clara, USA

CVPR 2018

June 18-22

Salt Lake City, USA

PI Apparel 2018 NYC

June 22-23

New York, USA

Siggraph 2018

August 12-16

Vancouver, Canada

Shop.org 2018

September 12-14

Las Vegas, USA


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