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Privacy policy

The current Privacy Policy describes the relationship and responsibilties regarding collection, use, disclosure and protection of any information received in connection with use of the products of one party and by a user between 3DLOOK, LLC registered by the following address – 5348 Vegas Drive, Las Vegas, NV 89108 (herein and after referred to as 3DLOOK) – which operates the website www.3dlook.me website as well as mobile applications «3DLOOK: get an exact 3D model of yourself and play with your body, outfit and masks» available on Apple Store and Google Play markets (herein and after referred to as Applications), and any person that downloads and uses 3DLOOK’s Applications or 3DLOOK’s website in any possible for usage way (herein and after referred to as User).


Hereby we confirm that in the process of usage of Applications or website by User 3DLOOK collects the following information:


  1. User’s Personal Information. 3DLOOK collects the content and other information a User provides when he uses Applications. In order to use 3DLOOK applications, a User is required to provide photos of a User (herein and after referred to as Personal Information) for body measurement process performed using a camera of a smartphone or other device a User owns. 3DLOOK collects photos and other information User provides when uses Applications.


  1. Device Information. We collect information about devices User uses to access Applications, such as operating system, device identifier, etc.




By downloading 3DLOOK Applications User agrees that 3DLOOK shall have the right to use all automatically collected personal data in accordance with functionalities of 3DLOOK Applications, of the platform and the integrated functions of the social networks. 3DLOOK will not pass personal data of User to third parties, with the exception of when it is required by functions of 3DLOOK Applications (e. g. sharing to Facebook or Twitter, and in that case the privacy of data transmitted is guaranteed by those third parties which may or may not request the right to use User’s personal data), or it is required by law or with the explicit consent of the user. 3DLOOK implements all reasonable measures to prevent the unauthorized access by third parties to User’s personal data.



  1. Hereby 3DLOOK confirms that 3DLOOK includes APIs from the third partiy, such as Facebook Inc. with legal address at 1601 South California Avenue, Palo Alto, CA 94304, USA. User is able to recognize elements that belong to Facebook Inc. and not 3DLOOK within Applications by the logo and sharing request notification. An overview of Facebook Inc. APIs and SDKs can be found here: https://developers.facebook.com/docs/graph-api.
  2. The 3DLOOK application uses third-party APIs from the following parties: Appsflyer with the legal address at 111 New Montgomery St, San Francisco, CA 94105, United States, and Yandex Europe AG with the legal address at Werftestrasse 4, 6005 Luzern, Switzerland (both herein and after referred to as Analytics Services). The mentioned Analytics Services API is used to collect information about User behaviour within the Applications and APIs of Analytics Services do not require 3DLOOK to submit any personal data of User. Hereby 3DLOOK confirms that 3DLOOK does not submit any personal data of User unless the data is collected automatically by APIs of Analytics Services. An overview of Appsflyer API can be found here: https://support.appsflyer.com/hc/en-us/categories/201132313-Analytics-Reports-and-APIs. An overview of Appmetrica API can be found here: https://tech.yandex.ru/metrica-mobile-sdk/doc/mobile-sdk-dg/concepts/about-docpage/.


By downloading or using 3DLOOK Applications and other products in any way User confirms that he acknowledged the Privacy Policy of 3DLOOK LLC and agrees with information stated in it and uses 3DLOOK Applications and other products conciously and remains responsible for data shared to Applications and third parties through third-party APIs used in Applications and listed in Privacy Policy.


If you have any comments or questions on Privacy Policy of 3DLOOK LLC, please write at hello@3dlook.me for further information.