Human Body Scanning from Mobile Devices

Only two photos needed

We use Computer Vision, Machine Learning and 3D Matching technologies to process and measure the human body from just two photos from any mobile device with high accuracy

Computer Vision

We use computer vision to analyze the photo from which we acquire and process the human body. Our advanced computer vision algorithms allow us to detect the human body on photos that were taken with any smartphone on any background.

Machine Learning

We use neural networks to detect and determine keypoints and produce a set of probability maps for each keypoint. We train our neural networks with fully measured human body images with pre-arranged keypoints.

3D Matching

We use statistical modeling and 3D geometry algorithms to build a 3D model of the human body, based on the detected key points. It allows us to accurately obtain human body measurements.

How does it work

Image Analysis

Arbitrary complex background and lighting
Arbitrary casual clothing
Poses are not restrictive
Body contour prediction
Mask segmentation

How does it work

End-to-End Prediction of Body Pose and Shape

Integration options

Check our API and SDK documentation for integration options. To get an API key please contact us.

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