About Us

3DLOOK was founded in 2016. We started out with two people, and today we're a company of over 75 that spans the globe. As our work continues to evolve, we stay focused on delivering innovation to the fashion industry and improving the everyday life of consumers.

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  • 2016

    Year Founded

  • 75


  • 100+

    Coffee Cups Every Day

  • Our Vision

    To help people easily solve their everyday routine tasks on their mobile devices by using their body data in different ways and applications.

  • Our Mission

    Create an industry-standard solution for human body data capturing and visualization.

Our Values

  1. Innovation

    We think big to make new ideas a reality and change the world for the better

  2. Delivering Results

    We are committed to delivering products of the highest quality for you and your customers

  3. Team

    We are a collaborative team who believes that by working together we can make a tremendous impact

  4. Happiness

    We embrace happiness as our top priority because the happier our employee, the happier our customer

  5. Our Environment

    Our products make fashion more sustainable because we care about our world. A lot.

What We Do

We have built our mobile-first body scanning and measuring technology which enables a simple exchange of measurement and shape data between your business and your customers to help optimize processes, cut costs, and deliver better shopping experiences

Vadim Rogovskiy CEO, Co-Founder

Meet Our Leaders

Vadim Rogovskiy


Alex Arapov

Chief Product Officer

Whitney Cathcart

Chief Strategy Officer

Georgiy Moliboga

Chief Technology Officer

Katerina Galich

Head of Sales

Iryna Fartukh

Head of Marketing

How We Got Here

  1. 2021

    1. More news in 2021
      (Coming Soon)

      We keep updating and improving our technology every day. We are confident that the future lies within personalization, delivering safe and seamless shopping experiences for the customer while helping companies boost business results, optimize supply chains, and create a more sustainable business model.

      Stay tuned
  2. Today

    1. Body Shapes Analytics

      With the new feature, companies will now receive analysis on both measurement and body shape data of their actual customer base, to identify high opportunity groups.

      Learn more
    2. New feature: ‘Hands-Free’ Mode

      New voice-controlled feature “Hands-Free” to our suite of digital solutions that makes virtual measuring even more simple and fun!

      Learn more
    3. Mobile Tailor is here!

      The first self-service contactless body measuring solution to support made-to-measure businesses.

      Learn more
  3. 2019

    1. LVMH Innovation Award

      3DLOOK wins LVMH Innovation Award 2019! 3DLOOK was among the 30 startups selected (from initial 900) to compete for the prestigious award.

      Learn more
    2. 3DLOOK iOS App Redesign

      To ensure an even more thrilling and engaging user experience for our clients and potential partners, we’ve completely redesigned the 3DLOOK showcase application for iOS.

      Learn more
    3. Retail Digital Transformation (DT) Grand Challenge Winner

      3DLOOK was selected from amongst many outstanding submissions that included end-to-end solutions as well as products and solutions addressing body capture and scanning, digital raw materials, digital product creation, supply chain enhancement and customer engagement and immersion.

      Learn more

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