3DLOOK is launching a new series of blog posts devoted to highlighting the brightest minds behind our powerful technology.

The heart of every company is, first and foremost, its employees. At 3DLOOK, our employees are working tirelessly to build technology which has the potential to transform the fashion industry and how we shop online.

This week we are happy to introduce Georgii Molyboga, our leading Senior 3D Software Engineer.

Georgii Molyboga, Senior 3D Software Engineer at 3DLOOK

What do you and your team do at 3DLOOK?

As you probably know, 3DLOOK technology is based on two basic steps:

  1. Obtaining 2D human body contour from the photos through various filters, detectors etc.
  2. Generating 3D models from the contour and subsequently extracting measurements, adding texturing etc.

Now just imagine, we have generated a 3D body model of a person. The shape and parameters are highly accurate and proportional, yet the 3D model is in a standard pose. Our testing shows that people do not associate themselves with a 3D model if its pose doesn’t correlate with their position on the photo. Consequently, our next logical step would be to add the ability to modify the pose of the 3D body model.

As a result, we have successfully implemented a rigged skeleton into our models in order to animate them. The 3D models don’t behave well in complex positions so far, so it is our job to fine-tune this process.

Finally, our team is also responsible for constantly updating and implementing various specialized tools for visualization, analysis, control, and cutting-edge algorithms.

Georgii Molyboga, Senior 3D Software Engineer and Daria Shtanakova, Python Developer

Tell us about your experience at the 3DBody.Tech conference.

I was very impressed with the conference! I delivered a technical presentation on statistical modeling for measuring humans.

After I delivered the presentation I had several very interesting discussions with other experts in the 3D field which were very valuable. A specialist from Valencia approached us and shared the comparison of our generated 3D models with the ones made with the 3D scanners.

The results were just astounding! Apart from a slight issue with measuring an oversize man, our application performed exceptionally well at all times. I felt proud that there are other teams all over the world who test drive our application from time to time and use it as a comparison reference.

What inspires you most in your work?

I love facing complex challenges and succeeding against all the odds and obstacles.

One more thing is my brilliant team. I was once inspired by one of the ‘old hands’ in IT who said that software development is like gardening, and your team is like a garden that requires constant maintenance and interaction. If you nurture it and look after it, it grows and lives a long time. And if you imagine your results as fruits of your teamwork, you feel really good about taking care of your team. This awakens your motivation to combat the undesirable but inevitable weeds and promotes your interest in work to a whole new level.

Software development is like gardening, and your team is like a garden that requires constant maintenance and interaction. If you nurture it and look after it, it grows and lives a long time.

What do you do outside of work?

The most important thing for me is my family. I spend a lot of quality time with my family and friends.

I also believe that in order to have a definitive viewpoint, one needs to acquire a broad horizon of different perspectives on life. That’s why I’ve always tried exploring different activities – folk dances, guitar playing, choir (that was, in fact, only several months in Germany, but what a thrill of a lifetime!), roller skating etc.

As for passive recreation, I prefer reading or chatting with my wife about eternal things. Occasionally we get together with friends for some board games.

In your opinion, what is so valuable about 3DLOOK? How can 3DLOOK help to change the world for the better?

Inventing a simple solution for high-quality 3D object reconstruction from the simplest possible data has been a long-standing global topic. With the rapid development of smart systems, the practical application of 3D reconstruction has taken a great leap forward.

The technology we are building at 3DOOK will solve many problems that plague the retail and fashion industry: fit, inaccurate size charts, high returns rates, lack of data, uninformed purchases, and lack of consumer confidence.  Our solutions definitely have the ability to transform the industry and create new efficiencies around fit and sizing which will ultimately benefit the end consumer.

From a global perspective, our solutions are a step in the right direction to reduce waste. Think about that, with our technology people can choose clothes that fit them with confidence. That is less “extra” clothes dumped in landfills, meaning less waste and smaller ecological footprint of the whole industry.

And don’t forget that the fashion market is going online. Clear recommendations to any commodity combined with realistic visualization and animation are just what fashion needs.

Another possible implementation is human body diagnostics. It may be a bit early to speak about serious medical applications like surgery, but 3D models generation can definitely serve its needs as a convenient and handy tool in various industries.

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