We are honored to be featured by Coresight Research in the Innovator Intelligence report — 3DLOOK: Offering Retailers Digital Fit Customization.

As the apparel retail industry rapidly shifts towards e-commerce, many companies are looking for ways to reduce size- & fit-related returns and deliver a better customer experience. Consumers are also beginning to expect more from brands and retailers, as technological advancements broaden the types of experiential services available among competitors.

To address the issue, CEO and Founder of Coresight Research, Deborah Weinswig, recently featured 3DLOOK in a report showcasing emerging companies that disrupt traditional retail and fuel innovation across the retail value chain. The report mainly focuses on how the introduction of 3D body scanning will disrupt the retail market as we know it.


  • Incorrect size and fit are the primary reasons behind high apparel return rates. The industry does not use a standardized sizing system, and the attempts to establish one are not based on empirical knowledge of what the customers really look like.
  • Returns naturally rise along with online purchases. With no opportunity to try on clothes, customers often buy several sizes, try them on to find the right fit, and send back the rest. Meanwhile, online retailers have to offer returns but are weighed down by the complexity and costs of reverse logistics. 
  • 3D body scanning may hold the solution to the ominous issue of fit-related returns. By disrupting traditional manufacturing methods, 3D scanning technology has the potential to boost consumers’ confidence in buying apparel online, educate retailers so they can supply their customer base with better-fitting products and more deeply personalized shopping experiences.
  • 3D body data exchange is the key element to transform the entire apparel production. Today ready-to-wear apparel manufacturers design clothes and determine sizing based on limited information, but with the insights from AI-powered body data, retailers can create better fitting garments, improve fabric planning, cut costs on reverse logistics, and ensure a cleaner environment.
  • Even though the underlying technology still continues to develop, the implications for online retail are already enormous. From bulky booths to UX-friendly mobile apps, 3D scanning technology has greatly improved over the past twenty years. Some solutions offer consumers the ability to create a 3D model of themselves using the cameras on mobile devices and view it in AR so that they can use their homes as a fitting room.

The report studies 3DLOOK’s proprietary technology, business model, competitive advantages, and case studies. It reveals that with the help of 3DLOOK’s Digital Body Platform, brands and retailers can monitor and analyze key customer data metrics, while also augmenting customer profiles with previously missing data about the body. 3DLOOK offers a deeper level of personalization and augments consumer profiles based on the body data of actual customers to make connections between people and products.

Coresight Research believes that 3D scanning technology has the potential to boost consumers’ confidence in buying apparel online and that it is poised to power the future of digital and social commerce.

Read the full report here.

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