We are so excited to announce our new voice-controlled feature “Hands-Free” to our suite of digital solutions that makes virtual measuring even more simple and fun!

‘Hands-Free’ Mode allows your customers to receive precise body measurements and personalized size and fit recommendations without any third-party assistance for a safe and contactless shopping experience, anytime and anywhere. 

The process takes about 30 seconds, doesn’t require any third-party assistance and works on any smartphone and any background!

How does it work?

After clicking on the widget or link, the customer is voice-guided through the quick capture process which uses just a front and side photo snapped from their smartphone (both IOS and Android compatible) that has been placed upright on a table. The photos are then processed to obtain landmarks on the user’s body and create a unique 3D model of each user after which the photos are deleted.

Depending on the needs of the apparel brand or retailer, our suite of solutions can either generate personalized fit and size recommendations or deliver the measurements needed for made-to-measure businesses to manufacture perfectly fitted customized clothing. ‘Hands-Free’ by 3DLOOK is already at your disposal!


Check out the video tutorial below on how to use ‘Hands-Free’ by 3DLOOK!

Get in touch to find out how 3DLOOK’s body scanning technology and Body Data Platform can help your business to provide accurate made-to-measure apparel in the age of social distancing.

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