Remove uncertainty

around size and fit

for your customers

SIZE AND FIT RECOMMENDATIONS software maps your customers body data with product data to deliver personalized size recommendation for all apparel items on your website

Easy to install

Installing Perfect Fit solution is easy. Add our plug-in to your website, upload size charts and you're all set

Easy to use

Unlike similar solutions, Perfect Fit is intuitive to use. Your customers simply upload two photos just once and instantly get their size in every brand on your website

Enjoy your increased revenue

Our Perfect Fit increases conversion rates and reduces returns which means increased revenue for your business

Two photos to the Perfect Fit

Perfect Fit solution determines the size of your customers with only two photos taken with a smartphone camera. It works on every device and every platform.

“We created Perfect Fit to help brands and retailers advance archaic fit, sizing, and grading rules by providing them with the technology to capture body size and shape data about their customers.”

Vadim Rogovskiy



Perfect Fit is easily integrated into any website or mobile app via widget, API or SDK. For widget the integration process takes up to one hour.

Personal dashboard

Access your account to find all the necessary documentation and support and see how your customers are using Perfect Fit solution.

Personalized Marketing

Perfect Fit generates the data needed to help you create personalized product offerings that fit your customers.

Custom Solutions

We can customize advanced features and capabilities so that you can recommend the perfect product to fit your customers body shape.

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